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If you are considering having a new bathroom fitted you may want to think about making it a wet room.

Wet rooms have become increasingly popular in recent years and are essentially a bathroom where the walls and floor have been tanked. That means they have been sealed with a waterproof membrane which stops the water from seeping out and causing damage.

It is usual to design a wet room with a floor that slopes allowing the water to run directly into a waste or drain built into the floor.

Here are four good reasons why you should consider a wet room:

1. Accessibility – wet rooms are excellent for people with restricted mobility. The shower does not have a tray, for example, so can be more easily entered.

2. Economic space usage – wet rooms are ideal where bathroom space is limited. No bath is required and neither is the bulky shower enclosure.

3. Easily maintained – a major advantage of a wet room is how easily it can be cleaned. As the environment is already wet, normal household cleaners can be used all around the room to disinfect and keep mildew at bay.

4. The ‘wow’ factor – wet rooms are a stylish addition to any property. A variety of materials can be used including wood, stone and concrete. They can be an easy way to add value to your property too.

Here is a photo from a recent wet room installation I undertook for a client. It features a Kudos Aqua 4 wet room system and Mistral Solid Surfaces.

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