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It is easy for me to fall into the trap of using jargon in these blogs or elsewhere on the website that I take for granted but you may not have a clue about. So here are some of the more commonly used words, together with a brief explanation:

• Belfast sink – also known as a butler sink, this is a large, deep ceramic sink.
• Carcasses – these are the outer parts of kitchen units.
• Composite worktop – this describes a worktop constructed of man-made materials.
• Freestanding – this describes a kitchen where all the appliances and units are separate, rather than being built in, to provide more design flexibility.
• Galley – a narrow kitchen where units and appliances are arranged in two rows opposite each other.
• Golden triangle – a kitchen design term to describe the positional relationship between the oven, sink and fridge.
• Induction hob – this is a stove that heats pans via magnetic induction instead of thermal conduction.
• Island – term used to describe a unit standing in the centre of a kitchen, unattached to any other work surfaces.
• MDF – Medium Density Fibreboard is an engineered wood made of wooden fibres combined under high pressure with resin.
• MFC – this is Melamine Faced Chipboard, a resin coated softwood bonded together under high pressure.
• Monoblock mixer tap – a single tap mixing cold and hot water together.
• Moulded sink – a sink incorporated within a larger worktop.
• Snagging – a term used to describe any items or issues outstanding at the end of a job. The client will usually compile a list which the workman will complete to formally finish the job.
• Wirework – the variety of shelving options available made up of wire baskets.

Next month – Bathroom Jargon Explained!

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