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Now, I don’t intend to come over all ‘New Age’, but many people put a lot of store in the benefits of feng shui.

I have to say that some of it makes perfect sense to me. For example, according to feng shui the kitchen is regarded as the heart of the home and I think that is generally true.

Food is also our source of energy so it makes sense that it should be prepared in a well organised and harmonious kitchen. Good nutrition equals good feng shui so it follows that healthy organic food should be a major part of your diet, including fresh fruit and vegetables.

Here are a few feng shui tips for that harmonious kitchen:

• The kitchen should be spacious and airy with several layers of lighting. It should be kept clean and be bright and welcoming.
• For good feng shui keep the kitchen simple, free of clutter and with minimal gadgets.
• A bowl of fruit, vase of flowers or a houseplant will provide beauty and energy to the room.
• Feng shui adherents believe yellow is an excellent colour choice for a kitchen as they maintain it is good for your digestion.

If you are in Gloucestershire and considering revamping your kitchen, I can help. Give me a call on 01452 699700 and we’ll start your feng shui makeover.

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